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WHIMZEES® Natural Daily Dental Treat

This post is sponsored by WellPet®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.”

My furry friend 🐶 means the world to me 💕 As a proud dog mom, I know that it’s my responsibility to make sure that my dog is always happy and healthy 🐕 In honor of pet dental health month, I’ve been wanting to share a little bit about pet dental disease. Did you know that dental disease is the #1 health issue for dogs? 🐩 In fact, 80% of adult dogs have dental disease which could mean other health issues down the road. WHIMZEES® Natural Daily Dental Treat is a product that I’ve been giving my dog recently to maintain his dental health and she seems to be loving it! ♥️ It is recommended to feed your dog one chew per day and to always have fresh water available when feeding the chew to them. WHIMZEES® products should be given under supervision to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Click here to select the right size for your pet and add the WHIMZEES Brushzees® to your cart 🛒 #WHIMZEES #Healthierbythesmile #Ad


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