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Best choice for my pets

This post is sponsored by Petmate but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Bella and Bootz are a part of the family. I want them to sleep as safely and comfortably as I do. As a travel blogger I travel a lot. Many times I take my dogs with me. I want them to be safe during our travels as well.

Recently I got a new plastic kennel from Petmate and my pets are loving it! It also satisfies all of my requirements as a dog mom. The reasons are listed as follows.

In my opinion plastic crates are simply the safest and best choice for lots of reasons:

  • Smooth Interior

A plastic kennel doesn’t have as many sharp edges as a wire kennel does. The smooth interior makes the kennel cozier and more inviting for my little fur babies to rest.

  • Better protection

Petmate plastic kennels are designed to be strong, safe and tough to protect my pets.

  • Bedroom for my Dogs

The dogs have a natural desire to find a safe and secure place they can call their own. Petmate plastic kennels create a dark environment and keeps light and noise out that creates the perfect place for pets to engage in their natural instinct to den. It provides the perfect balance of solitude and ventilation creating a more calming effect. My dogs seek out this location when they want to take a nap or need some alone time.

  • Saves the Environment

Petmate plastic kennels are made in USA with recyclable materials helping save the environment one kennel at a time.

  • Comfort for any season

A plastic kennel is enclosed which keeps my pets insulated and warm during the cooler months, but it’s also well-ventilated, so it keeps them cool during the warmer months. Comfort for Bella and Bootz all year long.

  • Travel Safer

Petmate plastic kennels are airline compliant which allows my dogs to be safe and secure while traveling through the sky. Not only are kennels great for flying, but they are also preferred for cars too! The durability and shape of the kennel makes them easy to keep my dogs safe while in transit. Whether at home or on the road, plastic kennels are a home created specifically for my pets to feel cozy and comfortable at home or on the road!

These are the reasons why I decided to get a plastic kennel from Petmate. Can’t you agree with me: Plastic is Fantastic! By choosing this plastic kennel, I am choosing peace of mind and happiness for myself, Bootz, and Bella. What more could a dog mom want? Would you ever consider getting a plastic kennel for your pets? Check Petmate out to learn more about the benefits of a plastic kennel and find the perfect kennel for your fur babies.

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