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Getting ready for Spring with Service First Automotive Center

Spring is coming. For sure for many of you it means lots of road trips. Sadly coronavirus is here and we all are isolated. Hopefully the situation will be under control soon and everything will be back to normal. Once all of this is over I strongly recommend you to do a car check before your travels.

A few weeks ago I took my car for an oil change to Service First Automotive Center and I would like to share my experience with you. It’s a brand new center with a super comfy lounge. The staff is driven to provide first-class service, all mechanics are the best experts, and the amenities they have, you won’t find anywhere else. I’ve also chosen this center because of their customer satisfaction guarantee. They pride themselves on being different than the average auto service shop with ASE Certified Technicians and state-of-the-art equipment.

Once I arrived I was greeted within 15 seconds of pulling up. The staff took care of my car and I was waiting in a comfortable, clean lounge taking advantage of the complimentary Starbucks coffee, tea, and wifi. There was also a family in the waiting room with me. I noticed that their kids loved the enclosed indoor play area and their dogs enjoyed running in the bark park.

My wait wasn’t long. After the service was done they sent me digital paperwork to my email. What I liked the most was that the oil change included a complete inspection with photos of my vehicle. The service definitely exceeded my expectations.

I’m aware of the current COVID-19 situation so I also want to mention that the Service First Automotive Centre takes the pandemic very serious. The health and safety of the customers and teammates is their highest priority. They definitely follow the guidance of the CDC and public health officials. Centers are cleaned and disinfected twice daily. The staff respects guests space and warmly greet people without a handshake.

Guests have two convenient options when getting a service like an oil change:

- Relax in the lounges while technicians service the vehicle.

- Stay in the vehicle. Without ever having to leave the driver’s seat, the technicians will complete the service and email you a digital inspection.​

In summary I would like to admit that Service First professionals know the meaning of quality. With attitude, ethic, and a servant's heart, they will change the image of the automotive service industry.

I would definitely recommend Service First Automotive Center. If you want to read more or book an appointment just press here.

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