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Most instagramable places in New York City

If you’re like me and always search for great locations to take photos, I have some recommendations for you!

Tip: New York is always overcrowded especially during the summertime. To beat the crowds and have beautiful photos, I recommend waking up as early as possible. During my trip I was up at 6:00 am starting each day with photo sessions at different locations. I was done by 10:30 am because around 11:00 am it was impossible to take photos without crowds.

Here are 5 New York City spots you can’t miss:

  1. The Lexington Hotel, Autograph Collection. It’s a really great hotel for photos. The design is inspired by its Most Famous Resident Marilyn Monroe and famed Yankess slugger Joe DiMaggio! It is so beautiful and elegant inside. I just wanted to take a photo in every corner. There is so much artwork in the lobby and on the mezzanine level. Golden elevators are just adding sophistication to the hotel design. There is even a selfie screen in the lobby! I noticed so many guests were using it. However, it is not the only great location for photos. It’s the best place to stay while in New York City. The location is perfect in the heart of Manhattan. Rooms are so comfortable with beds you won’t want to get out of! Amazing views from each room, plus the staff is very professional and friendly.

  2. Vessel. The $150 million, 150-foot-tall extraordinary sculpture is located in Hudson Yards. Its 15-story spiral staircase meant to be climbed- almost 2,500 individual steps. Don’t worry there is elevator as well! The view from the top is remarkable! You can see the city, the river and beyond. However, to be able to go inside you need tickets. So how to get them? In the Hudson mall there are interactive kiosks where you can get free same day entrance tickets. The kiosks are opened for sale at 8:30 am every morning. They issue first come, first served basis tickets and allow for a one-time entrance during your assigned timeslot.

  3. Brooklyn Bridge. We got there at 8am which was a perfect time because their was almost nobody there. I was able to take plenty of excellent photos. We started our walk on the Manhattan side and headed over to DUMBO. It was a very nice walk across the Bridge. This was my favorite part of our trip to NYC.

  4. DUMBO. In case you were wondering, DUMBO is a neighborhood of Brooklyn and stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This is the most crowded spot in NYC. Make sure to get there early! Otherwise you won’t be able to take a nice photo. This spot is so popular that even a Korean Music band was recording a music video while I was there.

  5. Central Park. Located right in the center of Manhattan, considered as New York’s backyard, Central Park is absolutely one of the most iconic spots in the entire city. You can make an entire list of photo spots with Central Park locations alone. It was definitely an amazing experience to walk into nature and wander around this sprawling, scenic park.

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