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Unique Couples Watches – The Perfect Valentine’s Gift!

Zebrawood & Turquoise Cora series and Ebony & Copper Dover series

Valentine`s Day is just around the corner! You are probably racking your brain for the perfect gift surprises for your special someone.

I have partnered with JORD watches to give you a unique gift idea.

Jord automatic watches are made with natural wood from all around the world. Modeled after a modern lifestyle, Jord watches are the perfect present for anyone who values sustainability, efficiency and experiential living.

Top fashion trends for 2018 predict wooden watches to be surefire hits at Valentine’s Day this year, whether it’s a gift for her or him!

Just pick out a beautiful watch (there are plenty to choose from on the JORD website), add a heartfelt, customized engraved message, and voila - it’s an instant Valentine’s Day victory!

To illustrate an idea I have chosen two matching elegant watches that would be perfect for Valentine`s Day presents. For women the Zebrawood & Turquoise Cora series with a beautiful turquoise watch face. For men the Ebony & Copper Dover series with a true collection of elements that makes an eye-catching timepiece.

What I like the most about these watches is, they are automatic and you can see the mechanism through both the watch face and the back. This is often referred to as a skeleton watch. I am convinced that anyone would appreciate the beauty of Jord watches this Valentines.

Are you ready to admit you found the perfect gift for your loved one? Check out my giveaway! Follow this link and one lucky person will win a $100 gift card to use on the JORD site.

Happy Valentines!

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