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Traveling with Delsey Luggage

This Christmas season I’m traveling with Delsey Luggages. They are my ideal travel companions. My two favourite pieces are Aero and Chatelet Hard +. I am totally in love with these luggage.

Everyone enjoys easy flying, the actual process of dealing with the airports and airlines sometimes could be difficult. The travel headaches are exhausting. That is why, it’s important to have an amazing suitcase that does magic. It really can ease the stress and hassle at the airport. These luggage are elegant and sophisticated. They have double spinner wheels and a unique break system to keep the bag from rolling away.

My favourite features are:

  • super light,

  • iconic design,

  • amazing style,

  • very good quality,

  • TSA- accepted lock,

  • silent running double spinner wheels,

  • tracking plate to register the luggage in case it is lost or stolen.

Have a safe flight and Merry Christmas everyone!

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