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Miami Beach

Miami is one of my favorite destinations. I have been there twice so far and I am still planning to go back. It is the place where you go for fun and the sun! Beaches with beautiful turquoise water are breathtaking. It is definitely worth going.

10 Best Things to Do in Miami

1. Soak up the sun at South Beach

The best way to describe South Beach, is to call it a glamorous paradise within Miami.

Famed for its stunning beaches, Cuban influences, fancy nightclubs, fresh seafood, beachside hotels, and the colorfull art deco buildings. During the day South Beach is the best area in Miami for soaking up some rays on a sandy beach. That`s what my favourite activity is!

2. Shop, dine and just have fun in Ocean Drive

After beach activities, there is a time for nightlife. There is no better place then Ocean Drive. First of all art deco buildings are all around. I just loved that atmosphere. Shopping, dining, and much more are all within a walking distance. It is one of the most famous boulevards in the city. I had so much fun!

3. Explore Lincoln Road

South Beach is never boring. After having fun at the beach and Ocean Drive I could not resist to visit Lincoln Road. It is a miles-long road filled with stores, restaurants, bars, and galleries. I started with shopping and of course I spent too much money so I rested having delicious dinner while watching people just passing by.

4. Spent a day in Coconut Grove

You can find up there hippest, most energetic, most inviting corners of Miami. The Grove's lush tropical landscape is so beautiful. This area is a home to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, luxury hotels, the Miami Science Museum, CocoWalk, various shops and restaurant. I was able to enjoy live entertainment, what made me feel relaxed.

5. Visit the most luxurious shopping mall

The most glamorous indoor-outdoor shopping centre is called Bal Harbour Mall. I just love this place!. It is packed with major designers butiqutes, definite paradise for luxury shoppers. I was able to spot few celebrities, what was a great bonus.

6. Catch one of the exciting shows in Jungle Island

Jungle Island is located just minutes away from South Beach and Downtown Miami. I was surprised how fun is Jungle Island, interactive experience gave me a real sense of adventure and discovery.

7. Visit Zoo Miami

I love animals. I was able to see over 2.000 wild animals at Miami Zoo. They provide animals with habitats close to their natural setting. It gave me the sensation of exploring a real safari. Animals were very happy and the same time I was able to enjoy endangered wildlife up close. With lots of interaction with the animals, Zoo Miami while not the biggest was fantastic experience!

8. Taste Cuban Flavor at Little Havana

I love to explore different restaurant and cuisines! Cuban food is like heaven! I was surprised how much I loved that! Little Havana is not only recognized for great restaurants. With non stop lively Latin music drifting through the air, I was able to feel its cultural flavor and distinctive atmosphere. I was dancing all night long!

9. Visit The Miami Science Museum

They offer so many fun, interactive exhibits and a lot of hands-on displays. The Miami Science museum provides a wide range of scientific fields including physics, biology and chemistry. The Museum exhibits regularly change offering fresh themes and displays to a 2nd 3rd or 4th visit is never too much.

10. Swim in the Venetian Pool

I love water and every single water attraction. I definitely enjoyed my time at the beach but visiting the pool was a great idea as well! Tanning and swimming there I felt the little taste of Venice. Pool is emptied and refilled daily with underground spring water.

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