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Meet Adriana ✩

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Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane ❤︎

Hi! My name is Adriana Kucia - a polish girl with a big heart for exciting adventures around the globe. I’m based in San Antonio, Texas between traveling. 


I think my travel styles vary. I enjoy having the possibility to experience a little bit of everything starting from comfortable beach resorts to camping in the mountains. What’s most exciting is that I leave my comfort zone behind and explore the unknown. 


One of my biggest achievements was to reach the second base camp (5400 meters/ 177716 feet) on the highest mountain in the world at Mt Everest.  


I have visited 46 countries/ 5 continents and have lived in 7 countries: Poland, Malta, UK, Australia, China, Mexico and currently the USA.


I truly aim to inspire others to travel. Every adventure can bring new colors, new smells, and new views from different perspectives. 

No, I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list ❣︎

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